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Welcome to the website of Allium Fine Art Photography.

The goal of Allium Fine Art is to promote public knowledge about Allium by distributing fine art illustrations of the enormous variety of shape and color that the many hundreds of species of Allium offer us.

 The Fine Art Collection page showcases the beauty of various Alium species in all sorts of ways, from garden photos to magical realism.

The Species Gallery shows on a single page a collection of images of flowers of more than 140 different Allium species.

The Image Collection menu leads to collections of images of the species that are shown in the Species Gallery.

The Poster page offers you the option to download posters, allowing you to print them yourself or at a print shop. 

The Time Lapses page is one of the latest additions, but it is definitely worth watching.  

Allium Millenium

The image shows the Allium variety Millenium
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